DISCLAIMER: I’m not a Doctor or medical professional in any way. Just a clever guy who is suffering from BPPV and has done a lot of research. If you’ve suffered head trauma or think you might have had a heart attack or your symptoms get really bad or don’t get better, go see a doctor immediately. With that out of the way, on with the story…


Last Wednesday at about 5:30AM I awoke to the early summer sun blasting my face through the window. I flipped myself over to get away from the sun and look at my wife laying…

My Synology DS1819+

I’m a professional commercial portrait photographer with a need for large and safe data storage needs. Over the last few weeks I’ve been researching and setting up a new high-performance network attached storage system for myself that will hopefully last me a few years. After reading dozens of articles, blog posts, and forum threads, I though I should put all that I’ve learned in one place for others to potentially benefit by. So enjoy!

Disclaimer: I just want to say right off that I’m not sponsored or paid by any of the companies I mention in this article. All of…

Last month I bought a Pentax 645z medium format digital camera from a 72 year old Arizona photographer who had purchased it from B&H photo last December and had only shot 1200 frames on the thing. What follows is a somewhat disorganized brain dump of everything I’ve learned so far.

Grand Canyon — Pentax 645z with 45–85mm/4.5


Some people are scared by the idea of medium format cameras. They’re big, heavy, expensive, slow. The backhoe of the photographic world. And while all of those things are true to some degree, they’re not really as bad as people say. The body is about the same weight as…

Me while writing this article.

There is something that’s driven my nuts for a long time now. It’s rampant at all levels of the photography, print, advertising, web world, and that’s the lack of technical knowledge of the people in all of these businesses. Most of this has to do with image formats and settings and I’m fed up, so I’m writing a primer about it.

Film, since it is an analog medium, has always been something of a black art. A photographer will use film X with developer Y and paper Z to get his particular look. And that’s a best case scenario when…

Bill Wadman

NYC Portrait Photographer, On Taking Pictures #podcaster on @5by5, Photoshop Nut, Hackintosh Convert. Take Portrait. Obsess. Repeat.

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